Introducing Willow and Jett!

This newborn photography session will forever be one of my favorites. These sweet babies are so gorgeous, and so are their mamas!

The twins were 11 days old at the time their newborn session. I find that this is the perfect age for a newborn session. Usually I like to schedule your newborn photography session between 10 and 14 days of birth. This helps to preserve their newborn features, but also allows some time for your new addition to get a little bit of a feeding and sleeping schedule on track, too. I find that if you wait 3 weeks or more to do your newborn photography session, we start to run into the baby being awake for longer periods, which means no "sleepy baby" shots. Also, your little one might start getting baby acne, which we definitely don't want to document for years to come!

Mr. Jett was asleep pretty much the whole time, and was an absolute dream to photograph! Willow, on the other hand, decided I was much more interesting than sleeping and stayed awake almost the entire time. It's definitely more difficult to photograph an awake baby, but not impossible. I actually kind of like that Willow was awake and Jett was asleep. I managed to get the best of both worlds in sleepy and awake shots, and I think it's funny that each baby had such different personalities so early on!

Here are a few of my favorite photos from this gorgeous in-home lifestyle newborn session. Check out that nursery! Can you say goals?!

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