“In this way, every birth is a natural birth: each of us is part of nature, not separate from it, and nature is always stunning in its variety. Your birth, then, is part of the natural world, however it unfolds.”

When I was planning this shoot, I never dreamed it would turn out so magical in such an unexpected way.

I had been dying to shoot in this location just outside of Decatur, TX for months. As the holidays rolled around and I started feeling that creative itch again, I contacted my friend Erika, who I knew was due with her second baby boy in January. We talked about it, and even though she had already had one maternity photography session done, she agreed to model for me. I collaborated with another photographer, and she provided the dress, designed and sold by Flutter Dress.

The week of the maternity photography session, I checked the forecast and saw that it was going to rain that day. I figured that, being Texas, the forecast would change at least 10 times before the actual session. Sure enough, by the end of the week, it was supposed to be really cold, but dry that far west. I went to bed and set my alarm for 6:30, since we planned on meeting at the location at 8:45.

I got up in the morning and heard sleet outside my window. I figured it would clear up by the time I left, but I decided to leave early just in case the roads were bad. After about 15 minutes of driving it started to snow. The farther and farther west I got, the more it accumulated. It was extremely nerve-wracking driving through it, even though we're a skiing family and drive in the snow all the time. I appreciate New Mexico's quick response and multiple snow plows and sanding trucks even more now, let me tell you.

I was in constant communication with the other photographer and our model family. I was sure the models would back out with the way the roads were, but extremely hopeful they wouldn't. I knew if we could pull off this maternity session it was going to be amazing. I'm still so thankful to Erika and her family for toughing it out and showing up!

Finally, we all made it to the location, an hour behind schedule. The snow had stopped, and the clouds were starting to move out too. We only had a limited amount of time before the snow started to melt, so we got to work. Y'all, let me tell you. Even as I was shooting, I could just tell that these maternity photos were freakin' gorgeous and I was never going to get this lucky again for as long as I live in Texas. Amarillo gets snow all the time, but the Dallas area? Maybe once every 5-10 years, and even then it's mostly just ice.

So, this will forever be one of my favorite maternity sessions. If you want an epic and stunning maternity session, I'm your photographer. I probably won't be able to recreate this anytime soon, but I absolutely love maternity photography and would be honored to photograph such a special and fleeting moment for you.