I hear it all the time. "My house is a mess, and I'm worried it's too dark for photos. How are we supposed to do an in-home newborn session?"

Lifestyle sessions with your newborn are some of the most beautiful, memorable moments you get in those first few days with your baby. They always look staged perfectly in someone's clutter-free home, so you might start worrying your home isn't good enough. You just had a baby and your house is a wreck. You can barely shower, so how do these other moms make their houses look so great and shower, too? My little secret that will save your day is that you don't have to make your home clean to get these same shots.

We can do newborn lifestyle photography in a studio that looks just like a home. No, your photos won't look like you went down to JCPenney and took shots in front of a screen. Your pictures are going to look like you're hanging out naturally in your clean house with your perfect new baby. These photos are taken in a “studio” setting that is really a business. They are set up to look like your baby is playing on their own fuzzy rug or you're laughing with them on your beautiful, historic bed.

I love lifestyle sessions because they're so natural. I get to capture these special moments without all of the stressful poses and awkward smiles. The best thing about renting out a studio space for these photos is that you don't have to work too hard. I love going to people's houses, but I know in the back of my mind they fear everything isn't perfect. They're worried about lighting or the mess shoved in the corner. If you want to have a different look, go for a rented studio.

These are still photos that give a peek into your everyday life. It won't be your home, but the same feeling is there. These photos are about taking photos that aren't too staged so your baby never feels the stress. Once your baby is comfortable, the magic starts to happen.

Give yourself a break for a few hours. Get out of the house and enjoy the feel of someone else's “home.” We can find the perfect setting for your needs. The last thing on your mind when you bring home a new baby should be trying to get things in order. You don't know when you ate last. You have no clue if you stashed the remote control in your refrigerator. Don't let worrying about lighting and turning your home into a studio weigh you down even more.

Don't get me wrong, I'll come to your house and get some amazing lifestyle newborn photography pictures. I just don't want people to fear these photos. If your home isn't up to your standard, we have options. You won't feel like you're in a stuffy studio. You don't need to worry about shooting around the weather. You get to go to a cozy house and enjoy a little break as I do the hard work and someone else provides the background. Remember, you deserve this.

Huge shoutout to Homestead Studio in Van Alstyne, TX for letting me use their gorgeous space for this boho inspired lifestyle newborn session.

Some of my other favorite lifestyle studios in the area are:

Studio House - McKinney, TX

The Lumen Room - Dallas, TX

Little House on Routh - Dallas, TX

Brookielynn's Bungalow - Frisco, TX

New Light Studio - Bedford, TX

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