Hi! Nice to meet you!

I'm AnnaMarie, and I'm the photographer behind Wandermama Photography. I have two kiddos of my own, a 2.5 year old boy and 4 month old girl. My son is a wild and crazy, adventurous, caring little man! He loves all creatures big and small, picks up just about every stick he sees, and has the coolest imagination. My baby girl is much more timid and shy, but she's starting to come around.

We are one of the most outdoorsy families you will ever meet! Whether it's hiking, skiing/snowboarding, white water rafting, swimming, hanging out in the forest, or just going for a walk, outdoors is our happy place.

We have two dogs and two cats. They drive me nuts most of the time, but we love them anyway.

I started my photography journey as a teen. I loved it, but I didn't really create anything worth mentioning until about two years ago. Someone asked me the other day what I like most about photography. I told him that I love capturing the connections between people. There's so many little, fleeting moments that might otherwise be missed. Those are the images I love to capture and that speak to me the most. It might take a little bit of prompting to get to those moments, but we will, I promise!

I hope this gives you a little bit more of an idea of who I am. I promise I am a super fun and laid back type of person, and I know we'd get along! Also, I just want you to know I will NOT show up this fancy to your session. My work uniform consists of sweatpants and a t-shirt since I will most likely be laying on the ground or getting in the water at some point to get the perfect shot.

Photo courtesy of Kimberlin Photography