A simple internet search for photography brings hundreds of results. The problem is that you need a person that fits the type of photography you want. There's a few different kinds of styles out there, but the main ones for individuals are posed and lifestyle. I enjoy a mixture during each session with my clients no matter the age. I'll explain the differences, and you can determine what's best for your family.

Posed Photography

Posed photography is often called studio photography as well. This really stems back to when people would take their kids to Olan Mills or the mall for pictures. Of course, you can still do that, but that type of photography isn't as popular as posing in a beautiful field with natural lighting. Posed photography often takes place with backdrops, props and perfect little smiles for the camera. I always do a few of these as well. They're great for gifts and to just have a perfectly posed photo in a frame in your house. It often takes a lot to get everyone in one of these photos looking like a page in a magazine. I have my ways to get even the toughest subjects to smile for the camera. I never want anyone I'm shooting to feel uncomfortable posing so I always try to make it fun for them. If you've ever had a bad school photo taken where you're awkwardly smiling with that blue backdrop, you know forced posed photos can be scary.

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography is about catching movement, emotion and life all in one session. You're posing, but you never know it. It's the type of photo you have hanging on your wall with everyone laughing or even looking in different directions. It's all about directing a family, a child, a baby without posing them. These portraits are a glimpse into your real life. You don't look like your picture in your church directory in these photos. You can use certain props in these sessions. You might sit on a blanket, throw a ball or "pose" reading a book to your children. If we're doing a newborn shoot, lifestyle is a lot easier than posed. Babies don't exactly pose like those Anne Geddes' babies you see in the calendars. A simple pose for a baby takes a lot of work and editing. Lifestyle newborn photography is usually about capturing them in their crib, your arms, their bed, and creating those intimate photos between a baby and their family. I love capturing lifestyle photos in open areas. These are the types of photos where you see the kids running to feed the ducks, the dad throwing his toddler into the air or a newly engaged couple sneaking a kiss. Lifestyle photography is about these little moments full of emotion.

Lifestyle and posed photography are different, but there isn't some contract you sign where you have to decide between one or the other. I like to do a blend of these styles. You can even create an outdoor session with a formally posed feel if you choose. A posed session can turn into a bit of a lifestyle session when I click those little moments in between shots. There's certain shots that you get that just make you laugh, feel and cry all at the same time. These are the moments you'll want to capture along with your posed pics. Always feel free to throw ideas my way with what you want from your shots. I'll always make sure your sessions create the best memories for your family.