We need to talk. Especially you, with the confetti.

I take pride in calling myself an eco-friendly photographer. Whether I'm taking photos of my own child, someone else's pride and joy or an entire family, I always consider the environment around me. It's important to respect our surroundings for the natural beauty it gives us. Here's a few ways we can work together to have an eco-friendly photo shoot.

Eco-Friendly Toys

There's some great eco-friendly toys available to keep your kiddo entertained during the shoot and/or reward them after the shoot for smiling really big. The Green Tones' Endangered Animal Shaker Instrument Set is great for getting baby's attention. They are made with non-toxic rubberwood from trees that no longer produce latex and recyclable pellets to create the shaking sound. The clear coat is made with a water-based finish. Toddlers need a few breaks from posing now and then. Pull out the Green Toys Dune Buggy Pull Toy for a few minutes away from the action. While they play with the toy made from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs and a 100% cotton rope, I'll snap some pics of you and your spouse. Another great toy for a little break is actually a book. The On The Farm Wooden Picture Book is an awesome little wooden book made of Birch wood plywood with leather binding and printed with non-toxic inks. Next up, you might want to get this for a reward so the kiddos don't make a mess at the photo shoot. Think play-doh without all the extra "stuff," eco-doh is made with all-natural ingredients and comes in six colors. The Kleynimals – Clean Key Animals are great to play with as well as to get your child's attention during the shoot. These are made with non-toxic stainless steel. The baby is happy to play with keys without the fears of lead contamination. You can even get them personalized which is just the icing on top of the cake. I actually have these for my son, and he absolutely adores them!

Ditch The Confetti

Confetti may look great in pictures, but it's trash in the end. Even biodegradable confetti is a pain. The worst thing about confetti is that it makes a huge mess. Once we're done with the photo shoot, that confetti is basically everywhere. it then gets in water and disturbs the area wildlife. Ducks don't like confetti floating in their pond creating more litter as they swim. Did you know some parks have actually banned photographers because of confetti? The good news is that you can still get the look without the debris. I use a confetti overlay or even dried flower petals. That said, even if you go with dried flower petals, it's still best to clean up as much as you can. I like to leave the scenes of my photo shoots as clean as they were before. It's all about respecting the environment for the beauty it provides to my shoot.

Glitter Litter

Glitter is litter. That's the best way to explain it. Glitter isn't even that easy to see in photos anyway. First, it's insanely hard to clean. Second, glitter is made of a million little tiny bits of plastic with reflective materials like aluminum. These tiny bits clog up the environment, and many times marine wildlife consume them. There's no way to gather all of these tiny pieces. Many places have actually banned the use of glitter at celebration events. No one wants to sit around and sweep glitter for hours. Thinking of all of the glitter just blowing away in the wind after the photo shoot hurts my eco-friendly photographer heart. 

Watch Out Below

It amazes me on Spring photo shoots when I see people all around just stomping on flowers to get the perfect shot. Respect the beauty of nature when you're in the middle of a shoot. Of course, you may step on a few flowers here and there, but try not to leave a huge footprint on top of some lovely wildflowers. Bluebonnets are the "it" flowers when they start sprouting in Texas. Everyone rushes to find their secret bluebonnet patch. It's important to protect these annual flowers because if they get destroyed one year, they won't come back the next year. The main rule when it comes to flowers is to just be careful when you're in their patch. 

As a Frisco family photographer, I love to capture real moments frozen in time especially out in nature. It's so important to me to respect the environment while making new memories for your family. Contact me if you would like to work together to create some new memories.