Family photos are precious and priceless. In today's digital world, it seems the importance of professional family photos is lost. This is because almost everyone with a smartphone or nice camera thinks they're a photographer. Yes, those smartphone pictures snapped of the family at events are great, but they can't take the place of professional family photos.

Capturing Emotion

Professionals know how to capture emotion. You can take a staged family photo anywhere, but it might lack depth. I love to keep snapping when I'm taking family pictures. From the sweet smile between a mother and son to the little baby wrapping her hand around her daddy's finger. These little moments make family photos worth every minute. It's not just about those smiles staring into the camera. It's about all of those little moments during the shoot. I love to find the details in a photoshoot for the family.

A Great Time

One of the best things about getting to do a photoshoot with a professional is that your family gets to let go and have fun. We want to capture you at your best. I've never understood why the portraits of my ancestors are all of them just staring deeply into the camera without expression. We want to have a lot of fun! It's all about creating an experience full of memories for the entire family. Sometimes I'll ask you to give your kiddo a big hug. Sometimes I'll tell you to look at your spouse and laugh. You'll feel a little awkward and a little silly, but it'll for sure make you smile! Laughter is the best emotion to capture when I'm taking family photos. You want to create happy memories that'll hang in your home forever.

Creating Wall Art

Speaking of hanging in your home, professional photos make great wall art. You can take some pretty cool little pictures on a phone, but they don't usually print in a good resolution for bigger frames. You don't want pixelated photos hanging in your home. I've seen some amazing large photos hanging over people's mantles or in their hallways. Professional family photos just make great art for any room!

Family Heirlooms

You probably aren't thinking of what the world will look like 100 years down the road when you take family photos. Your great great grandparents weren't thinking you'd frame their photos centuries later, either! Professional family photos become heirlooms for the entire family. It's crazy to think a photo I take today could last for generations. Parents pass these photos down to their children, who then pass them down to their children. It makes me smile that your photo could be framed in the home of your great grandchildren. This is why I ensure you that your family photos will be works of art. I take great pride in capturing the best lighting, editing your images to perfection and making sure you look your very best in every photo.

Bringing Out The Best

One thing many people can't capture on smartphones is the best of everyone. It always seems like someone isn't smiling, someone is running away, or another person is just completely lost in the shot. I know how to make everyone look and smile at the same time, even the youngest of kiddos! It's hard sometimes working with younger kids to get them all to look and cooperate, but 99% of the time I achieve at least one "grandma shot" where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling. The professionals have our own little bag of tricks to get everyone in a great shot. Sometimes it takes the entire bag of tricks, but we get the job done. We also have a bag of tricks for those kids that think they're just too cool for pictures or the spouse that hates to smile!

Seriously mama, don't miss out on professional family photos! They're something that will last forever. I love capturing small and big families. I enjoy capturing the love between everyone in the family. It's something that inspires me and brings my work to another level. The best thing you can do for your family is create memories of happiness and love. Professional family photos give you that experience and those memories for your wall all wrapped in one event.